Exhibitions 07.04.2016 – 21.08.2016

Modern Masters “Degenerate” Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Berne

For the very first time, the Museum of Fine Arts Berne is mounting a special exhibition that takes an intensive look at the modern masters collection from the angle of its acquisition history. With its own funds, the museum only purchased a small proportion of the items in the collection, which boasts major works by artists such as Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Franz Marc, or Pablo Picasso. Indeed, numerous private collectors and further institutions donated artworks to the museum as endowments, bequests, gifts, or permanent loans. A number of the pieces were accrued when the Nazis sorted them out of German museums from 1937 onward. Therefore the exhibition highlights issues such as "degenerate art" or "intellect as a national defense mechanism” in Switzerland.

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Exhibitions 19.02.2016 – 25.09.2016

Chinese Whispers Recent Art from the Sigg & M+ Sigg Collections (extended until 25.09.16)

Significant portions of Uli Sigg's collection will be on display in a joint exhibition by Kunstmuseum Bern and Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, Switzerland and afterwards will travel in a reduced version to MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art in Vienna, Austria, before substantial parts of the Swiss collector’s holdings move to Hong Kong as a donation. Some 150 recent works from the Sigg and M+ Sigg Collections will be presented in Bern from 19 February until 19 June 2016 and thus reflect today’s China.

The exhibition has been extended until 25.09.2016 at Kunstmuseum Bern

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Exhibitions 03.06.2016 – 23.10.2016

Without Restraint. Works by Mexican Women Artists from the Daros Latinamerica Collection

Challenging the traditional roles assigned to women within Mexican society, for the first time works of the following contemporary Mexican women artists are being exhibited together in Switzerland: Teresa Serrano (*1936), Ximena Cuevas (*1963), Betsabeé Romero (*1963), Teresa Margolles (*1963), Claudia Fernández (*1965), Melanie Smith (*1965), and Maruch Sántiz Gómez (*1975). Their photos, videos, objects and installations, all of which are on loan from the Daros Latinamerica Collection (Zurich), cast a subversive light on the dominant hierarchies of power and the different manifestations of national identity in Mexico.

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Exhibitions 01.01.2012 – 31.12.2016


Monet, Hodler, Picasso, Giacometti, Rothko, Dalí ...

The Museum of Fine Arts Bern is the oldest art museum in Switzerland with a permanent collection.

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Special events 06.08.2016 – 27.08.2016

Free entry to six museums

On all Saturdays in august.

An vier Samstagen im August lädt der Verein "museen bern" zum Gratis-Besuch in Berner Museen ein. Alle Wechselausstellungen und die Sammlung des Kunstmuseums Bern sind von 10h bis 17h frei zugänglich.

Openings 12.08.2016 – 12.08.2016

Eröffnungsfeier Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee

Anlässlich der Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee kommen dieses Jahr im August zwölf Kunstschaffende mit Gastkurator Thomas Hirschhorn und Speakers zusammen. Hirschhorn wird während seiner Akademie die für Kunstschaffende wichtigsten, grundsätzlichen Fragen stellen: "Wo stehe ich? Was will ich?". Es geht darum einen Plan zu haben, eine Position zu beziehen und dieser Position eine Form zu geben.

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Medienmitteilung Tu 07.06.2016

Chinese Whispers Im KMB verlängert bis 25.09.2016

Die spektakuläre Ausstellung «Chinese Whispers. Neue Kunst aus den Sigg und M+ Sigg Collection» wird aufgrund des grossen Interesses im Kunstmuseum Bern bis zum 25. September 2016 verlängert.

Media Release We 01.06.2016

Without Restraint Works by Mexican Women Artists from the Daros Latinamerica Collection

Without Restraint presents together for the first time contemporary Mexican art by women from the Daros Latinamerica Collection (Zurich), Europe’s largest and most important collection of its kind. Seven women artists who live and work in Mexico show their lifeworld from a decidedly female point of view and respond to international artistic movements with very different approaches.

Media Release
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